IoT Sydney Meetup

November 2015

Speaking and demonstrating will be Rahul on the successful (raising almost $600K) eora 3D scanner kickstarter project.
We'll also have Manuel talking about the WAMP ( protocol.

This will be the last meetup for the year.

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

October 2015

We'll have  David Francis talking about Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality and Rodney Redwin telling about on Arduino powered Aircraft Simulator controls. Rodney is also bringing along his PCB designer so you can talk to them about how to make PCBs.

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

September 2015

Tonight we'll have a 3 short talks on home automation and ESP8266's. For those who don't know a ESP8266 is a small, cheap, self contained processor with wi-fi and digital pins.

We also have a couple of give aways including a Pebble Watch and some O'Reilly booklets, but you need to RSVP and stay till the end to be in the draw for the prices.

Note that this month we're on a Wednesday night not the usual Thursday.

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

August 2015

Tonight Joe from STMicroelectronics will be given a talk on how to design smart hardware and Ashley will demo a MQTT connected weather station.

We'll have some give aways at the end including ST Arduino MCU boards and a copy of O'Reilly "Making Embedded Systems".

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

July 2015

I'll be giving a short talk about the Solid Conference.

If you stay till the end we'll also have a few giveaways including an signed O'Reilly book and a Particle Photon (

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

June 2015

Damith Herath from Robological to talk about his experience at the Amazon Picking Challenge held last month.

Rodney Redwin from Simulator Solutions 
www.simulatorsoluti­  to talk about SimStack.

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

May 2015

Tonight we'll have talks on: - Home automation
- ESP8266 WiFi
- Free legal framework for startups

We also have a few giveaways including a Pebble watch, but you have to RSVP and stay until the end to be in the running. Patrick will also be showing his new random selector. 

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

April 2015

We'll have Marcus Schappi with a question and answer session about what happens after you have a successful
half million kickstarter. (A tiny arduino with an OLED screen.)

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

March 2015

Patrick will be talking about Pebble.

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

February 2015

As well as the talks below there will also be a demo of a new 3D scanner.

DIY-Bio and the Biohack Movement
Meow-Ludo is a passionate maker with the belief that biotechnology holds the answers to solve a range of worldwide scale problems. He has co-founded Australia's first bio-hackspace, BioFoundry. BioFoundry allows members of the general public to come and co-create and explore molecular biology.

BioFoundry is part of the worldwide maker movement and adds into a growing number of independent labs set up with the goal of lowering the technological and cost barrier of gene modification technologies. This movement is termed DIY-Bio or biohacking and has created both controversy and hope. DIY-Bio projects currently in progress include glowing plants and vegan cheeses.

Bluetooth Low Energy
Manny Romero will be sharing his ideas, experience and frustrations in trying to get a BLE (AKA Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 4.0/SMART) proof of concept Industrial IoT device off the ground.

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.

January 2015

Tonight we'll have:
- Round up of IoT related news by myself
- Pavi de Alwis showing a project and talking about how to turn software developers into hardware developers 
- Lester Miller on patent law and what happing in the IoT field

As always there will some giveaways at the end of the meetup.

Intro Slides from Justin Mclean.