IoT Sydney Meetup

IoT Sydney Community Members

Here's some of the people you may meet at an IoT Sydney meetup.

Justin Mclean
Justin Mclean is an experienced freelance web application developer with a keen interest in the open source hardware and software. Justin runs his own consulting company Class Software, is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, runs training courses and workshops, and has spoken at numerous conferences both in Australia and overseas. Currently he's tinkering around with various Arduino boards. He is the founder and organiser of this IoT meetup.
Patrick Catanzariti (PatCat)
Patrick Catanzariti (PatCat) is the founder of Dev Diner, a site devoted to helping developers navigate the world of emerging tech. He is a SitePoint editor who writes about emerging tech like the IoT, VR/AR and more, and has an online course on the IoT and JavaScript at O'Reilly. He is always looking for excuses to make tech demos and encourage people to give emerging tech development a go!
Dave Glover
Dave Glover is a passionate software developer known to dream in code and dabble in Maker hardware. Interested in new tech wherever it hails from, with particular interests in low powered embedded platforms, communications and cloud systems. I’m a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft for over 23 years in the UK and Australia. I work with partners, customers and the community mostly on IoT these days, love it. I hang out on and
Stephano Rose
Stephano Rose is a passionate SaaS/iPaaS/PaaS Engineer, developing interests around IoT, Machine Learning and any other emerging techs. Followed some online Embedded systems course. Tries to find time learning to work with sensors and dev kits. Hopefully in few months can present at the meetup.

Jim Wild
Jim Wild is the Technology Director for the Redfern based Digital Product Studio - Mentally Friendly. Jim is also still a keen developer and is passionate about IoT, M2M, Beyond the Screen and Building Control Automation Systems. Some notable projects have included an IoT enabled Shitbox rally car, a sleep tracking fully adjustable smart bed. More recently he's been working on custom interfaces to control lift systems from the web or applications (more to come on that soon).
Lester Miller
Lester Miller is an engineer and experienced patent and trade marks attorney. He is part of the firm's specialist startup team (Accelerate) and its 3D printing team. He keeps up to date with the latest developments in tech by listening to his clients and by coming along to the excellent presentations at Sydney IoT. He relaxes by sailing, kitesurfing and mountain bike riding.
Renald Gallis
Renald Gallis is passionate about Marketing and about IoT amazing opportunities. Currently leading the Thinxtra Marketing team to connect the un-connected to SIGFOX network in ANZ.
Anthony Burch
Anthony Burch is on a mission to make lives better by creating and sharing cool electronics. He could be described as a state-machine, with states imagine, empathise, design, make, share, connect, empower, enjoy and synchronous_reset_n. You can find Anthony on the internet.
Shaun Price
Shaun Price is an experienced, business focused, technology strategy and enterprise architecture consultant with a keen interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Information Security. With a background as a process control engineer specialising in robotics and distributed instrumentation and control systems he is excited about the opportunities an IoT future brings.